June 19, 2012

From Ireland to my other Country

Another year of living southerly and it’s back to the mid-winter cool as May draws to a close and the chills of June bring sweaters to the southern megopolis... Back in Buenos Aires it is time to get my proverbial shit together, something that is rather difficult in this city of sleepless wandering and five A.M. shadows.

Discipline Tony! Discipline!

The main reason for the recent trip to Europe-land was my first book launch, or, more precisely, the launch of my first book. The book "What if Ireland defaults?" sold well in a small market (as well it should) what with the red-hot subject matter and the weighty names of Nobel prize-winners like Joseph Stiglitz and less weighty names like mine.

On returning, the chronic lack of sleep, stiff cocktails and dark red wine-a-plenty have not been able to get in the way of my getting a few things done —though the weighty tome of my masters thesis sometimes seems an impossible task.

For those of you who might have a slight interest in the subject matter I shall provide a humanely brief summary. It speaks to the financing of a new form of energy solidarity in South America (renewables and electrical distribution). Hardly ground-breaking, this is still quite revolutionary here in the lands of gas and oil. Those of you with mining or transport shares need not worry; this fabled future is more of a fig-leaf of my own imagination than a threat to the supremacy of oil, mining, steel or aluminium smelting. And yes it might make another boring book —send me the publishing deal and we shall move ahead.

Even with the 5:00AM nights I actually have managed to make a few changes (some would say progress). I moved house to the supposed bohemian zone of San Telmo (kind of weird) and I’ve had a few publishing firsts:

  • the book itself; (link to free chapter)

  • my first opinion piece in a national daily (Thanks Carlos) (link)

  • and my first interview — yes they were interviewing me this time, it won a prize for the number of people who read it (about 2000) (link Thank you Mr Bing)

  • and a first book review in Spanish link (again thanks Carlos )
  • Oh and I’ve got another national card —yes and in a couple of days a new passport! With that I'm an Irish South American. I suppose I should not complain too much, but it is not enough!

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    March 01, 2011

    Irish Argentine

    Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011, a unique day for me. I entered the office of judge Omar, of the Argentine Federal Legal service. I sat down with his secretary and after an informal chat and an extremely long question (to which I answered "Si!"), I accepted citizenship of Argentina.

    By gosh, I'm an American.

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